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Pitch and Putt Golf

The great short game of pitch and putt golf is an sport, similar to golf. The maximum hole length for international competitions is 100 yards with a maximum total course length of 1,310 yards. Players may only use three clubs; one of which must be a putter. The game is played from raised artificial teeing surfaces using a tee and it has its own handicap system distinct from golf.

One of the many attractions of Pitch and Putt Golf is that there is less walking involved than in standard golf, and the golfer will take fewer strokes. This makes pitch and putt golf perfect for beginners, seniors and anyone who may feel they are not physically able to play 18 holes on a full golf course with ease.

pitch putt golf

If you're interested in learning more about the super sport of Pitch and Putt Golf do have a look at the film below.




Pitch and Putt Golf 2005